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David Lenik

David Lenik is the founder and owner of Better World Productions, Inc., and a pioneer and innovator of experiential media for the location based entertainment industry, including attractions, shows, museums and tours.

After producing and directing over 1,200 film and video projects for commercial clients as well as dozens of cause related organizations, he began experimenting with multiple technologies and combining unique delivery methods.

Some of those methods include Ridefilms (the seats are on motion base platforms that have you feel like you are inside the film) 180-degree screens, multi-screen productions, “Peppers Ghosts” reflection technology, turntable theatres, 360-degree virtual environments, 3D sound (blows away surround sound) and environmental in-theater effects like mist, wind, spiders and snot.

Among his credits are immersive attractions such as the New York Skyride in the Empire State Building; SkyTour: The Great Australian Expedition (aka: Oztrek) in Sydney’s Centrepoint Tower; and Junkyard Wars: The Tour for Discovery Entertainment.