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Hall Smyth

Hall Smyth is the co-founder of Grand Opening, a storefront gallery and design firm in New York that has received international attention for its unique approach to brand development and marketing. He has worked with various institutions in their organizational development including multi-year campaigns for the Museum of the City of New York, The American Society of Civil Engineers, The New Press, and the Afikim Foundation. He founded the Exhibitions program at Parsons School of Design and the Design Lab at The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Hall’s exhibition work has led to an expertise in construction and fabrication of projects large and small, and with his upstate warehouse, brings the tools and people needed to construct virtually any project.

Hall’s work with the Afikim foundation (a Jewish organization based in Manhattan) has been an exceptional collaboration. Hall has created products and projects that reach new audiences for the organization. His most recent interactive suitcase ‘docent’ and exhibition ‘toolkit’ are products that help to stimulate and engage audiences from all walks of life.