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Ventures in Jewish Life are a collaboration of marketing professionals with proven expertise in public, communal and institutional communications. We have extensive experience in working within and for the Jewish community. Our team has the skills to specialize and work together on virtually any campaign or project and because we have worked together on other projects, we eliminate the inefficiencies of building a whole new network yourself. In short, we are ready to work and love what we do.

Barry Mase - Principal — a master of alternative paradigm and grass roots marketing.

Rabbi Raphael Butler — leading consultant to many in the philanthropic community who seek his guidance to assist them in fulfilling their communal priorities.

Hall Smyth — graphic and environmental designer specializing in brand and identity development.

Gary Sternberg — one of the leading corporate identity designers and branding consultants in the jewish world today.

Brian Flatow — President and creative director of The Ad Store, an independent international ad agency focused on creative strategies and solutions.

Ben Smyth — communication designer and multimedia developer, specializing in the creation, installation, and management of interactive materials for exhibitions, institutions, and web-based services.

Rick Magder — together with his father and two brothers, Rick built one of the largest entertainment companies in Canada. Magder Studios was the largest independent production studio facility in Canada.

Shimon Apisdorf — shimon apisdorf is an award-winning author and a pioneer in jewish outreach publishing. He is the founder of Leviathan Press, co-founder of the Jewish Literacy Foundation, and the author of eleven books.

Tom Allen — works with Jewish companies that are strategically trying to market their product and service to the Catholic/Christian Community.

David Lenik — is the founder and owner of Better World Productions, Inc., a pioneer and innovator of experiential media for the location based entertainment industry.

David Rubin — is the founder of Davka Video, RC Direct and Negev Direct. His specialty is Jewish mailing list and email list brokerage.

Paul Marcone — has 26 years of government relations experience, including 13 years working on Capitol Hill as a legislative assistant, press secretary and chief of staff.

Howard Mase, Ph.D — specializes in helping businesses to understand and overcome the cultural, organizational and personal barriers that stand in the way of change.

Jess Dolgin — Jess co-founded E-Shop Enterprises, a leading provider of Internet services for the Jewish Internet market in 2000.

Pamela Weiman — Pamela is a creative director and has been a graphic designer for over twenty years.